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My birthday is in December.

June 9, 2011

Weinergate? More like WeinerFEST a.k.a. happy early birthday and Christmas to me.

In case you live on Mars or randomly found this blog by Googling “weiner” or “weinerslam” (and believe me, you’re not the first), I triple heart the word “weiner.”  And right now, weiner is everywhere.  I’m in 7th Heaven.  And YES, I mean the TV show.  (<— I actually don’t mean that.)

Not only did a man named Weiner tweet his weiner PAUSE – Let’s all take a moment to imagine the response if a woman told a man she wanted to “tweet his weiner” and what that might entail.   Ok, done. UNPAUSE and it’s all over the news, but everyone is making fun of it, including the news.

One of my favorite people ever (<— 90% of this is because he sends me things with the word “weiner” in them) has been posting links on my Facebook wall of clever weiner headlines.  I’m not even going to make a joke about weiner and headlines, because it would pale in comparison to the kickers these masterful journalists are using:

1. And now, there’s a little Weiner

2. Anthony Weiner’s Genitalia Photo Puts Sirius XM in Sticky Situation
3. Disgusted Democrats letting Weiner shrivel

4. Weiner Will Rise Again (<–my response upon receiving this one: ‎”Especially if I’m around”… heyoooooooooo!)

5. Jon Stewart Cuts Hand During Weiner Routine (Video) (Do weiner routines normally incur bloodshed? Guys? Anyone?)

If only it stopped there, but no, oh no, there’s more!

Normally at work when I get an email with the word weiner in the headline…. I’m kidding, that doesn’t happen.  Nobody at work likes me enough to send me such a treat.  But today, I got a little somma this:

Subject Line: Want to See Our Weiner?

Um, YES I DO.  And here it was:

Oh, Spirit Airlines, you slay me.  And though I’ve flown on your airline, which if it were a weiner would have given me herpes, I still give you mad props for the Weiner Sale.  2 Weiners Up for you.

Just when I finally catch the Bieber Fever by watching, you guessed it, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never (<– I’d like to deny that it changed my life, but I can’t compromise my integrity like that), another high-temp hot flash comes my way.

Weiner Fever FTW.

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  1. shellytalks permalink
    June 9, 2011 5:46 pm

    We have a WIENER!

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