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Southwest hearts head.

November 4, 2011

Or maybe just girls who give head, I dunno.

All I do know is that someone is probs about to get fired for retweeting some weiner ninja with the Twitter handle @paulinadeginge who apparently loves giving beejes:

Not gonna lie, I’ve probably retweeted things along the lines of “I love giving head” (due to the entertainment value, not because I necessarily agree. Duh. #notaslut).  For example, a few weeks ago I retweeted DJ Black Bill Gates ((@blackbillgates)<— you need to follow him immediately) when he suggested “You gon get some dick today.”  Clearly retweet worthy.

Unfortunately, Southwest Airlines doesn’t have the same retweet freedoms I do.  Yikes for them. And I’m kind of sorry for blogging about this, but kind of not, because I’m looking forward to my blog being included in Southwest’s November news coverage/social media/holyshithowdidthishappen report. #IknowPR

And, in fact, I’m sure you’re probably wondering, “How did this happen? Why would someone do that?”

Well, either an employee at Southwest truly hearts blowies so much that they couldn’t resist, or they wanted to get fired, or they thought they were logged into their personal account and retweeted and were on the verge of sending a reply along the lines of “THIS IS MY ADDRESS COME HERE NAO.”

Either way, I’m super proud of my coworker for catching this gem on his screen.  And proud of my other married/adult/father/secretly-super-hilarious-and-softspoken coworker for making the comment [completely under his breath] “I think I should write her name down.”

#Work #Fridays #OneofthemostamazingTwitterfailsI’veeverseen

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